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Jennifer Kubin, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

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I believe that when someone has the courage to reach out for help with their mental health, it should be considered a crisis - because poor mental health can destroy lives. 

Perhaps it's because I'm an eternal optimist, but I loathe the term, "mental illness."  Instead, I prefer "mental wellness" because I believe that anyone, if given the opportunity, prefers to feel well instead of ill. 

It is no secret; our society is not the best at discussing their mental health. Or are they? When take a closer look, it's there. How often do you hear someone discussing difficulty sleeping, a lack of motivation, fatigue, feeling overwhelmed, agitation, anxiety, chronic pain, poor concentration, or a loss of interest in things they used to enjoy? These are just a few symptoms of poor mental health. If they persist for more than two weeks, it's time to take action. 

​How do we compensate? Not very well. We withdrawal from the people that we love most. Maybe we lose our temper. Work and school performance suffers. We self-medicate. We cancel plans. We hide it.  Our physical health suffers. Our lives suffer.

Some people are able to get back on track without the help of a professional, but when they aren't, they deserve someone to provide competent and compassionate care, serving as a partner on their journey back to mental wellness. 


Because time is of the essence, I have partnered with Genomind to offer precision medicine which helps us to understand your unique genetic makeup. This knowledge allows for treatment specifically tailored to you or your loved one. It reduces the number of medication trials while also increasing the safety by knowing how your body will metabolize the medication. Specialized software is also used to identify potential interactions with all medications and supplements as well. 

While medication can be an effective tool, I don't believe taking pills alone will help you feel better. I will challenge you live a healthier life, change your thought patterns, and possibly reduce the number of medications you are currently taking. 


Jennifer has nearly 20 years of experience in healthcare and has a passion for caring for some of the most vulnerable populations. She attributes her service in the Marine Corps to her ability to care for the toughest patients and her experience as a mother to provide compassion to those who feel broken.

A profession in mental health was not a part of Jennifer's "plan." Although many seeds had been planted throughout her life and through helping others, her passion for mental health only began while working as a health coach for an insurance company. As she explains, "I was supposed to be coaching people on weight loss or how to manage their other health issues, but the reoccurring theme was that they couldn't get physically well because their mental health was poor, oftentimes they were in crisis. Once they were connected to resources and treatment for their mental health, not only did their physical health improve - but their entire lives also improved! Once I understood the importance of this, I knew that I had to be a part of the solution." 

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